If you take the time …you’ll see

Everyday our tunnel vision stops us from seeing and appreciating the little things in life, like rainbows, clouds moving in the wind or the sun dancing across the snow…but all it takes is a moment to just pause and look around…I promise youll find beauty and even maybe a little bit of relief

On my way home the other day I saw these pretty dried flowers and decided to bring them home… and shortly after, they were placed in a vase and now many other people can enjoy their beauty 🙂


There’s something beautiful about cemeteries. It’s their love.

There’s almost something instinctual about fearing cemeteries. As a child it’s because of superficial things like horror movies and scary stories, but as an adult it’s about something deeper – our own inevitable fate…our owgraveyardn mortality.

When we look at a graveyard and are uneasy, is it because we have so much we want to do with our lives, but do not know if we can achieve it all? Perhaps, it’s the quiet panic we feel with the uncertainty of what death brings or maybe it’s because someone has left us behind with a tender loneliness as they embarked on their journey into the unknown… or simply is it the despair of eventually being forgotten.

Graveyards are full of people who were loved…who are loved. Each stone engraved with the name of a person just like us – someone who dreamed, experienced and struggled. Behind each stone is literally a story that changed the world and a person whose being born affected the lives of innumerable people.

So if a graveyard if full of people who are loved, what is there to fear? In a way its kind of comforting, looking and seeing the stones, all laid with care and knowing that each at one time, had invoked ardency in its onlookers.

There’s something beautiful about cemeteries. It’s their love. An atmosphere that at one point has brought sadness, but in time brings joy and thankfulness for having been blessed with fond memories of laughter and happiness.

So when you look at a gravestone covered in snow or a crooked wooden cross half engulfed by vines, fear not, but admire their beauty and feel the love that now surrounds you – both alive and from the unknown.


Don’t hate the snow…Embrace it!

SAM_1758 Everyone is always saying how snow sucks, how they hate it, how its too cold and wet…but I on the other hand love the snow…well at least most of the time!

The snow has this incredible calming effect, it can sooth all your worries and really help you to clear your mind.

One of my favourite things to do after a big snow fall is to go to a huge field  (like in a forest of even a school yard) and just lay in middle of it looking up into the gray sky. Snowflakes fall touching your face, but in such a way that as they melt they take your worries with them.

Everyday we are so bombarded by worries, errands, assignments and deadlines that we fail to see the beauty in the things around us.   And thus people hate snow because it makes them late, makes them have to slow down, but if  in those moments of inevitable slowness you just take a moment and observe a snowflake on your glove you will see the infinite beauty piling up in the “gross” snowbanks.

I challenge you all to take a little time one day after a fresh snowfall to take a walk down a path in a forest or a local park. There, take a moment to escape from all your worries and just feel the serene silence and peace that the gentle snow brings.SAM_1759